Internet of Things

Connecting to the future

WHEN 23 May 2017 09:00 - 18:00
WHERE Malmö, Sweden Malmö Live

About the Event

Internet of Things Conference is a conference aiming to provide a clear picture of the Internet of Things landscape - what's the current state and what might unfold in the future? Internet of Things is a broad, and somewhat fuzzy, concept that includes everything from protocols, hardware and software to e-health, wearable devices and design. Attending the conference will make you understand the value in IoT and help you navigate this uncharted territory

The theme for the 2017 conference is future trends. Internet of Things is rapidly becoming more mature and is more or less ubiquitous. The technology has evolved from buzz word to something more substantial, creating real value for businesses. Ranging from thousands of sensors in remote locations to data mining in cloud, IoT creates new unique possibilities for products and services. Technology is in our genes however, all sessions will have a mix of technical content and business value. One day of workshops and one day of sessions - welcome!


All Speakers


We will offer you a selection of hands-on workshops where security, connectivity and building your business are some of them.

10 sessions

The conference consists 2 keynotes, framing 10 sessions across 2 parallell tracks. Sessions are 40 minutes. Topics covered include hardware, software, design, wearables, business, security, among others. All sessions will be recorded in order to have them available on line, for free.

After work

Once the voice of the closing speaker fades away, food, drinks, music and mingle awaits you. Why not take the opportunity to meet new friends and business partners?

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