Kjell Persson

Kjell’s superpower is to create structure in disruptive contexts, and more specifically his current role at inUse and at ÅF Engineering & Design is as Senior Smart City Advisor.

As the CEO of inUse and after over 20 years in the business of qualitative User Research, User Experience Design and Service Design, Kjell certainly appreciates the Human Centric perspective of Urban Development, or Smart City.

In relation to Smart City, he’s also created and lead the Panasonic Smart City Pillar Process consultancy approach in Denver, CO. The approach is based on two city engagements in the US, and has proven to be successful and transformational on the client side as well as for Panasonic in their business model. The CityNOW Pillar Process spans the five Pillars energy, transportation, buildings, city services and wellbeing. In the latest Smart City engagement, with the city of Colorado Springs, Kjell’s team in all worked with 100 decision makers and key influencers over the six months engagement, and more regularly and deeply with 30. On the Panasonic side the team engaged 25 world-class subject matter experts supporting the particulars of the Smart City initiatives bubbling to the surface.

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