Larissa Romualdo Suzuki

Dr. Larissa Suzuki is an award-winning and passionate computer scientist, inventor, and engineer. Her PhD thesis has pioneered business models and data infrastructures for smart cities and the Internet of Things. Her professional career includes +9 years advancing many fields of computer science and engineering. Her PhD thesis has originated the Mayor of London’s “City Data Strategy”, and she works in the Economic and Business Policy Unit (Infrastructure & Growth) of the London Mayor’s Office managing the development of digital solutions to solve London’s urban infrastructure challenges, save public money, and drive growth. She is a frequent Keynote, conference, panel and tutorial speaker (including a TEDx and conferences of international acclaim), and has received numerous awards and recognitions from Intel, Google, IBM, ACM, EPSRC, EIT Digital, McKinsey & Company, Inspiration Awards for Women. She is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Smart Cities, IEEE, ACM, and the IET, member of the Connected Systems Integration Committee of the IET, founder and chair of the Tech London Advocates group on Smart Cities. She is an ambassador for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, and since 2006 she has worked towards increasing the representation of women in computer science and engineering, volunteering for the London Hopper Colloquium, Royal Academy of Engineering, Anita Borg Institute of Women and Technology and University College London.

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