Workshop: Ethereum Workshop

We will go through the fundamentals of Ethereum (Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Ethereum Virtual Machine) and will learn how to develop smart contracts and build decentralized applications using web3 technologies (Ethereum/IPFS/Swarm/Whisper).

We will start the day with learning Ethereum from the ground up.

What is a Blockchain:
What exactly is a block, a transaction, a state, an externally owned account, a smart contract, the Ethereum Virtual Machine?
How can I interact with the Blockchain:
Which clients are available (quick comparison), what is the JSON-RPC interface, what is web3.js?

After answering those questions we will have the basic understanding of how to develop a Dapp (decentralized application).
We will start with a quick Solidity tutorial followed by a practical hands-on session. We will develop simple Dapps using the autogenerated user interface provided by Parity (please install it:

We will end the session with security advice and speak about common pitfalls in smart contract development.

Location: Date: May 24, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Stephan Tual