Smart Cities 101 – Fundamentals and Design Principles for the Cities of the Future

The infrastructure of cities has evolved through many vintages of technology that developed along their own path, often separately. The lack in connecting its component systems, which depend upon the other, often makes city utilities and services operate sub-optimally, limiting the creation of new value-added services, increasing transport costs, damaging existing logistics chains and economic models. Digital technologies offer a new wave of opportunities to mitigate some of these impacts and create a balance between social, environmental and economic opportunities that will be delivered through smart city planning, design, and construction.

Larissa will navigate you through the fascinating world of smart cities and data as infrastructure, and will demonstrate the importance of establishing connections to enable system-of-systems integration. She will demonstrate the importance of bringing both technology and non-technology components together to create a sustainable and integrated data infrastructures and marketplaces for cities. You will hear pro-tips on how to link data infrastructures to business strategies, and how to design for cross domain data integration. She will show real world examples that illustrated how smart cities design can be used to support intelligent decisions in the urban environment and provide unprecedented opportunities to solve social problems.

Location: Date: May 23, 2017 Time: 12:00 pm - 12:40 pm Larissa Romualdo Suzuki